A chiropractor since 2001 and she incorporates massage therapy, nutrition, exercise, and stress management into her chiropractic practice, so that all areas of health are addressed. A long-time vegetarian, runner and swimmer, Dr. Maffucci became interested in chiropractic while training for her first marathon many years ago. Since then, she has been a regular chiropractic patient, finding chiropractic to be an invaluable resource for both training for and recovery after long-distance events. She enjoys working with athletes and uses her experiences in sports (and sports injuries) to help others.

Dr. Maffucci helps patients obtain optimum health by focusing on the whole person. Indi


At Harmony Chiropractic, we’re here for YOU.

Harmony Chiropractic is a patient-centered practice. That means that what YOU want is the most important thing.

Have you ever gone to a chiropractor and felt as though you were given the same care plan as everyone else? Did you feel rushed? Not heard? Did you feel as though you and the doctor were not on the same page?

Did you feel that he/she wanted what you wanted?

When you come to Harmony Chiropractic, I will listen to YOU. I will ask you about the condition that brought you in, and how this condition is affecting your life. What is it preventing you from doing? How is it interfering with your life? How is it keeping you from having the best, most fulfilling life you can have?

At Harmony Chiropractic, I use a variety of techniques and modalities, and every patient’s care plan is tailored to his/her individual needs and goals. Treatments last 20-30 minutes, so there is enough time to address your concerns. I want you to feel better, but more importantly, I want you to get back to what is most important in your life; to what brings you the most happiness and joy.

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